Dragon Mile draws hundreds to compete

FAST times were achieved by many athletes in yesterday’s running of the 27th Bendigo Bank Dragon Mile.
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A big morning of racing include the mini-mile for grades four and under, and the mile classic for grades 5-6, years 7-8, years 9-10, and the open.

The Dragon Mile drew hundreds of competitors across a wide range of age groups as they raced along Pall Mall, up Mitchell Street, left onto Queen Street and a U-turn before heading back down Mitchell Street and to the finish opposite the old Bendigo Advertiser building on Pall Mall.

Results from yesterday’s racing:

Dragon Mile open

4.24 Brady Threlfall, 4.43 Jesse Fullerton, 4.47 Jacob Nolan, 4.48 Jamie Cook, 4.54 Luke Crameri, 4.59 Peter Guida, 5.04 Harrison Pearse (Girton), 5.05 Melissa Duncan, 5.14 Daniel Plowright, 5.18 Dave Tarrant, 5.26 Ross Freemantle, 5.27 Katie Duncan, 5.31 Jake Salt, 5.36 Zachary Raeburn, 5.37 William Watson, 5.44 Michael Gibbon, 5.47 Matthew Wilson, 5.48 Nathan Cain, 6.00 Gary Murphy, 6.16 Nathan Healey, 6.28 Darren Trevaskis, 6.37 Jess Pethybridge, 6.43 Pete Taylor, 6.46 Kelly Hayles, 7.59 John Meagher, 8.00 Tim Gretgrix, 8.19 Elizabeth Guida, 8.54 Bec Doherty, 9.33 Tara Hosking, 9.34 Lisa Nicolson,

Dragon Mile years 9-10

4.48 Joshua Powell (Creek Street Christian College), 5.03 Jackson Blakemore (Creek Street Christian College), 5.06 Xavier Walsh (Catholic College Bendigo), 5.08 Matthew Heislers (Girton Grammar), 5.12 Beau Roy-Clements (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 5.28 Teleah Hayes (Rochester Secondary College), 5.24 Peter Rothacker (Creek Street Christian College), 5.34 Ryan Brook (Bendigo South East), 5.38 Luke Rowlatt (Bendigo South East), 5.39 Tom Barkmeyer, 5.43 Nico Schoobee (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 5.46 Michael Flynn (Weeroona College), 5.47 James Brown (Catholic College Bendigo), 5.52 Carnie Edlin (Bendigo South East), 5.52 Gary Egan (Catholic College Bendigo), 6.02 Maxwell Pearse (Girton Grammar), 6.03 Tom Mannix (Bendigo South East), 6.08 Travis Mercante (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 6.09 Mitchell Keuken (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 6.10 Thomas Dante (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 6.12 Demi Goodall-Hoffman (Catholic College Bendigo), 6.17 Nathan Burrell (Bendigo South East), 6.22 Shaina Brook (Bendigo South East), 6.30 Andrew Bruce (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 6.38 Brianna Elder (Weeroona College), 6.39 Paige Davis (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 6.40 Jayden Wright (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 6.42 Grace Edlin (Bendigo South Eat Secondary College), 6.49 Shelby Gahan (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 6.54 Maddie Law, 7.03 Ruby Tuohey, 7.11 Matilda Gibbs (Girton Grammar), 7.24 Casey Barczynski (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 7.55 Matilda Schaeche (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 7.58 Jocelyn Teggerth, 7.59 Bridie Pearse (Catholic College Bendigo), 12.13 Karina Robertson (Weeroona College).

dragon mile years 7-8

5.13 Hugh Schaeche (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 5.16 Spain Ndikumana (Weerona College), 5.18 Zacharia Paynter (Nambour, Queensland), 5.20 Anthony Dempster (Victory College), 5.21 Ben Powell (Creek Street Christian College), 5.23 Alexander Nielsen (Girton Grammar), 5.26 Jordan Wanafalea (Weeroona College), 5.41 Samuel Wallace (Victory College), 5.48 Matthew Sporle (Catholic College Bendigo), 5.52 Jonas Hosking (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 5.53 Kayle Thompson (Girton Grammar), 5.54 Kristian McNaughton (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 5.55 Luke Keuken (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 5.57 Kate Salvador (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 5.58 Wade Kinniburgh (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 5.59 Callum Tucker (Bendigo South East Secondary College), 6.00 Liam Christensen (Victory College), 6.04 Kane Watts (Bendigo South East), 6.04 Tom Floyd (BSE), 6.05 Jake Hilson (Weeroona College), 6.15 Harvey Gibbs (Girton Grammar), 6.16 Darby Semmens (Castlemaine), 6.16 Kyle Butcher (Bendigo South East), 6.17 Meg Patterson (Catholic College Bendigo), 6.23 Jack Bourke (Weeroona College), 6.27 Jaydon Flynn (Weeroona College), 6.30 Adelia Ilsley (Bendigo South East), 6.31 Corben Leskie (Bendigo South East), 6.32 Jessica Law, 6.33 Emily Patterson (Catholic College Bendigo), 6.34 Maddison Hooke (Weeroona College), 6.35 Alice Bailey (Catholic College Bendigo), 6.39 Madison Hill, 6.40 Gabrielle Rusbridge (Weeroona College), 6.40 Alex Di Valentine (Bendigo South East), 6.41 Sam Watts (Bendigo South East), 6.46 Annabel Bradshaw, 6.47 Jacinta Rooke (Crusoe College), 6.49 Gabrielle Kleyn (Catholic College Bendigo), 6.58 Rosie Jeffrey (Bendigo South East), 7.01 Emily Seery (Bendigo South East), 7.07 Charlotte Edlin (Bendigo South East), 7.10 Maddi McGregor (Bendigo South East), 7.11 Harry Harrick (Weeroona College), 7.12 Breana Merrin (Girton Grammar), 7.17 Rebecca Dower (Bendigo South East), 7.21 Jessica Saffron (Weeroona College), 7.25 Emma Hindson, 7.27 Caitlin Rowlatt (Bendigo South East), 7.31 Darian King (Bendigo South East), 7.39 Alana Mitchell (Weeroona College), 8.34 Georgia McGuiness (Weeroona College), 8.35 Alexandra Moat (Bendigo South East), 9.59 Chantal Hansford (Bendigo South East).

Dragon Mile GRADES 5-6

5.54 Lachlan Balcke (Lockwood), 5.58 Zahra Hayes, 6.00 Fraser Symons (St Therese’s), 6.04 Macklin Wellard (Eaglehawk North), 6.05 Cayden Thompson (Girton Grammar), 6.12 Bridie Semmens, 6.14 Fletcher Gallagher (St Therese’s), 6.15 Anthony Delgallo, 6.17 Noah Walsh (St Therese’s), 6.18 Pheobe Wearne, 6.22 Matilda Moore (St Joseph’s), 6.33 Ethan Guida (Girton Grammar), 6.34 Yazmine Hayes, 6.37 Frank Gibbs (Girton Grammar), 6.38 Ella Wicks (Lockwood), 6.39 Nick Williams (Girton Grammar), 6.47 Connor Mayman (Strathfieldsaye), 6.40 Jack Merrin (Lockwood), 6.49 Dane Keuker (Strathfieldsaye), 7.04 Ryan Salvador (Kennington), 7.07 Jakeb Nicolson (Holy Rosary), 7.09 Emily Heislers (Girton Grammar), 7.17 Jack Di Valentine (Axedale), 7.18 Sharn McNamara (Lockwood), 7.19 Ted Taylor, 7.27 Tom McCormick (St Peter’s), 7.29 Connor Symons (St Joseph’s), 7.29 Tamas Spark, 7.43 Braydn Murley (Weeroona College), 7.44 Ella Fletcher (Girton Grammar), 7.45 Greta Schaeche (Kennington), 7.56 Abbey Hromenko (Huntly), 8.02 Aisha Quattrocchi (Lockwood), 8.15 Lauren White (Huntly), 8.18 Jazna Austin (Lockwood), 8.19 Shakira Dean (Big Hill), 8.26 Sean Stephens-Schultz (Lockwood), 8.34 Thomas Moore (Huntly), 8.48 Jordan Hayles, 9.51 Jake Hindson (White Hills).

Mini-mile grades 4-under

2.46 Harvey Gallagher (St Therese’s), 2.52 Luke Salvador (Kennington), 2.53 Ryley Taylor (Lockwood), 2.54 Nathan Delgallo, 3.00 Erin Hilson (White Hills), 3.00 Timothy Long (St Therese’s), 3.00 Baxter Symons (St Therese’s), 3.01 Toby Balcke (Lockwood), 3.03 Carissa Brook (Quarry Hill), 3.03 James Kay (Girton), 3.04 Jack McDonald (Strathfieldsaye), 3.05 Zayne Pearce (Axedale), 3.05 Jack Craig (St Joseph’s), 3.06 Cain Donnelly (Kennington), 3.10 Piper Dunlop (St Therese’s), 3.11 Tyler McLennan (Huntly), 3.12 Joshua Ilsley, 3.12 Lucia Dyer (Kennington), 3.13 Cameron Gibbon, 3.14 Solomon Gibbs (Girton), 3.15 Kaleb Crothers (Lockwood), 3.16 Tully Dunlop (St Therese’s), 3.19 Max Balcke (Lockwood), 3.19 Cooper Rooke (Lockwood), 3.20 Elka Barnett (Kennington), 3.20 Jack Fry (St Liborius), 3.21 Owen Towler (St Liborius), 3.21 Jade Donnelly (Kennington), 3.23 Fynn Neilsen-Proctor, 3.25 Caitlin Campbell, 3.27 Mairead Spark, 3.27 Gemma Quattrocchi (Lockwood), 3.30 Hudson Symons (St Therese’s), 3.30 Keely Fullerton (California Gully), 3.31 Callum Craig (St Joesph’s), 3.32 Joshua Liersch (Axedale), 3.32 Ebony Delgallo, 3.33 Samuel Kay (Girton), 3.36 Ebony Butcher (Strathfieldsaye), 3.39 Baillie Bennett (Weeroona College), 3.39 Tom Reid (Quarry Hill), 3.40 Lachlan Feueherdt (Camp Hill), 3.43 Damon Kaine (Girton Grammar), 3.47 Skye Webb (Epsom), 3.47 Max Healey, 3.48 Oliver Mayman (Strathfieldsaye), 3.49 Shae Crouch (St Joseph’s), 3.53 Thomas Nicolson (Holy Rosary), 3.54 Mia Bolitho Williams (White Hills), 3.55 Luke Feueherdt (Camp Hill), 3.56 Portia Kaine (Girton Grammar), 3.56 Depp Hosking (Girton) , 3.57 Shayla Webb (Quarry Hill), 3.57 William Harvey (Axedale), 3.59 Mackenzie Webster (St Francis), 4.06 Hunter Webster (St Francis), 4.08 Marley Gallagher (St Therese’s), 4.16 Beth Towler (St Liborius), 4.17 Catherine Fry (St Liborius), 4.18 Jorja Crothers (Lockwood), 4.19 Courtney Campbell, 4.20 Logan Horomenko (Huntly), 4.12 Abbey Thompson (Girton Grammar), 4.25 Ella Dobell, 4.26 Charlotte Taylor (Healesvillee), 4.29 Abby Warn (Lockwood), 4.30 Darcy Gath (White Hills), 4.30 Zora Shelten (Lockwood), 4.42 Myia Nicolson (Holy Rosary), 4.44 Jessica Taylor,4.45 Rena Nichol (Girton Grammar), 4.48 Tyler Quattrocchi (Lockwood), 4.49 Thomas Harvey, 4.40 Kimberly Stingel (St Peter’s), 4.52 Angus Seigloff (St Josephs), 4.53 Joel Purdy (Huntly), 4.56 Tom McNamara (Lockwood), 5.0 Joshua Feueherdt, 5.18 Nikita Purdy (Huntly).

SPRINT: They’s off and racing in the mini-mile for girls. Picture: JODIE DONNELLAN

SPRINT: They’re off and racing in the mini-mile for girls. Picture: JODIE DONNELLAN

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