LETTER: Fibre a cheaper, better bet for NBN

UNDER the Labor government’s plan, blackspot or National Broadband Network (NBN) subscribers will not be monetarily penalised, unlike under the Coalition’s plan.

Malcolm Turnbull wants to charge people $1000 to be connected to the NBN.

The fact is, wireless will drop out.

As more users log on to wireless the less speed users will get, that is if they are able to connect. This is caused by congestion.

Fibre does not suffer from limitations and is infinitely more reliable and cheaper than wireless.

The most recent costings for the NBN have been revised down, not up.

The government, that is the taxpayer, will get a return on investment for fibre to the home.

Tony Abbott’s plan is to continue using the existing copper network. We know that copper is affected when it rains. Fibre is not.

The costs of maintaining the copper are currently estimated at $1 billion per year.

Malcolm Turnbull admits that fibre maintenance is significantly lower, by some estimates, 80 per cent to 90 per cent lower.

France is currently spending $25 billion to rip out its copper network and run fibre to the home.

NBN chairman Harrison Young, in an address to Committee for Economic Development, said the Coalition policy would not necessarily save money and would not meet the objective of structurally separating Telstra.

In a reply Malcolm Turnbull ignored this statement.

It’s time to come clean, Malcolm.

Regardless of how people vote in the next election, it is imperative that people lobby the Coalition to change their policy on the NBN.