LETTER: Developers eating our green space

THE proposed sale of land on the eastern bypass corridor at Whitebridge (“State to auction off land”, Herald, 27/3) is just part of an ongoing attack on the community’s lifestyle through loss of open space, transport options and essential services.

This is not just an opinion, there have been several state and federal reports that have documented this decline.

One of these, by the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council, concluded that Melbourne’s open space will halve by 2026 and commuting times will increase.

Even the Prime Minister is aware of the impact, having received a brief from her department warning the quality of city life is declining.

Her trip to the western suburbs was largely a gesture of sympathy to those who have to put up with the awful mess governments have made.

What makes this process far worse, however, is the complete failure of our planning processes which have virtually been handed over to developers.

Australia has the highest rate of animal and plant extinctions, and its cities are experiencing growing traffic congestion yet decisions like this one only benefit developers instead of catering for the future needs of residents and the environment.